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by Kevin G in sportsbook | Posted on September 12th, 2015 | No Comments

NFL Week 1 kicks off tomorrow and there is a great slate of games for wagering on. In particular we like the Cincinnati Bengals at Oakland Raiders game. Current online sportsbooks have posted the Bengals at -3 point favorites despite them playing on the road.

The Oakland Raiders are team that was having tremendous success several decades ago and aside from that one Super Bowl that was played against Tampa Bay in the early 2000s, the team hasn’t had much success since then. If you want success this regular season with your wagering then you need to choose the right sportsbook like Sports Interaction or Bodog for all your NFL online betting in Canada needs and wants this season.

If the Raiders are going to find themselves in Super Bowl XL, they must find a way to win some ball games. The Raiders of the past few seasons have struggled to even compete against elite teams, although the Raiders have pulled off a few shockers while having abysmal win-loss records.

NFL Online Betting Canada

The Raiders have actually won 3 Super Bowl titles in their long standing franchise. The Raiders have Derek Carr as quarterback, with Amari Cooper at wide receiver. Khalil Mack is a standout linebacker while Charles Woodson is a veteran free safety. The Raiders also have Michael Crabtree on their roster, although many feel as if Crabtree is a wildcard since he has both good and bad games.

Jack Del Rio, the former coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars, has taken over head coaching duties for the Raiders. Del Rio is a coach that is known for being able to coach up his talent in order to help them overachieve. Could this years Raiders win the Super Bowl while sitting at 100/1 betting odds?

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