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Atlanta Falcons NFL Betting Odds

by Kevin G in sportsbook | Posted on September 4th, 2015 | No Comments

It’s time for some NFL betting! Today we will preview the Atlanta Falcons and their latest odds to win their division and for the Super Bowl.

The Atlanta Falcons could be considered a sleeper pick to win Super Bowl 50. The Falcons play in the NFC South Conference against foes like the New Orleans Saints, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Carolina Panthers. The NFC South division is up for grabs as all 4 teams have about the same shot at winning.

The Atlanta Falcons will rely on Matt Ryan as their starting quarterback in order to help them facilitate on offense. Ryan has been an offensive weapon in the past, however this years Falcon team does not have the on field talent as Falcons teams of the past. That doesn’t mean that the Falcons can’t win the Super Bowl.

Atlanta Falcons Betting Odds

In fact, the Falcons would be a great dark horse pick to win the Super Bowl in 2016. Bookies have assigned the Falcons 45/1 betting odds for lifting the Lombardi trophy at the end of the season. Could this be the year the Falcons pull through and make a deep run into the NFL playoffs?

With Dan Quinn as head coach, the Falcons could be one of those teams who gets a boost from a coach that other coaches may not be prepared to face. Matt Ryan is a versatile quarterback, so it will be interesting to watch him and Julio Jones hook up on deep routes.

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