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Super Bowl Matchups for Online Betting

by Kevin G in superbowl | Posted on January 20th, 2015 | No Comments

Today we will be taking a look at the matchup for Super Bowl 2015. The New England Patriots will be taking on the New England Patriots. Current online sports books have the Patriots favored by one point. If you want to join in on the Super Bowl online betting fun then take a look at our reviewed sports betting sites.

Now that the playoffs are set, we can begin to start thinking about potential Super Bowl matchups outside of the two favorites. What would the buzz be like around a Steelers Cowboys Super Bowl? Could the Bengals return back to their Super Bowl fashion of the 80s and surprise the league? Is Peyton Manning ready to come back to the Super Bowl to prove to the world that he can get it done? There are so many story lines that couple come about in this years Super Bowl and with so many teams only getting 12 wins, it is entirely possible that a top seeded team could lose thus messing up those who have picked the favorites to win in each conferences matchups.

Super Bowl Online Betting

The best part about the Super Bowl is the random matchups you sometimes get. It would also be interesting to see a repeat of the Seahawks Broncos Super Bowl from last year. What if the Ravens were to be able to pull it together and face an unlikely Carolina Panthers Super Bowl bound team? In the NFL, stranger things have happened and you can count that the unlikely is always possible. The best part about the NFL playoffs if the fact that each of the teams are so evenly matched making it a fun endeavor to watch as a spectator.

Point Spread Betting

by Kevin G in sportsbook | Posted on September 23rd, 2014 | No Comments

Today we will be covering the most important strategy when it comes to point spreading. If you have ever bet on sports before, or even if you are just getting into the world of online sports betting in Canada, you may have heard of point spread betting.

Spread betting is perhaps the most common form of betting, not only in sports, but also in the stock markets. In fact, spread betting was originally just limited to the stock market, after which the concept extended to sports as well. So the question is this; what betting strategy will ensure that a spread bet goes rewarded? Well…

Seek the Question, Not the Answer
In all honesty, the question is pretty stupid. I mean really, there’s no single strategy that can ensure that a bet goes rewarded when placing your bets at the top Canadian sportsbooks online for players from Canada looking to bet on sports. If there was, the guy holding the secret would probably become the richest person in the world. And if such a strategy existed, you would certainly not be finding it out on an online blog. The question you are asking has no answer, but if you are searching for the safest betting strategy, here’s your answer; diversification.

Top Canadian Sportsbooks

We hear about it all the time, with larger than life people such as Warren Buffet claiming it to be the best investment strategy out there. So what is it exactly? Simple; invest your money in multiple bets instead of a single one. Supposing you have $220 in your pockets; you can either bet it all on a single game or bet on 2 different games. What this does is divide the risks, so in case one team loses, you’ll still be making a steady recovery if the other wins.

Now I know what you might be thinking; diversification will result in an overall lower profit. That may be true, but we’re talking about the safest strategy here, and dividing the risks is the safest method.

Bengals Defeat Ravens

by Kevin G in NFL | Posted on September 8th, 2014 | No Comments

Yesterday in NFL Week 1 we saw a lot of upsets and one of the biggest upsets in NFL week 1 was the Cincinnati Bengals defeat over the Baltimore Ravens. The Bengals won 23-16. If you want to get odds on NFL Week 2 betting then be sure to check back here; the Canadian home of NFL betting.

Bengals Ravens NFL Betting

The battle for the AFC North division will commence on Week 1 of the 2014 NFL Season. The Bengals travel to Baltimore where they have had trouble competing against Joe Flacco and the Ravens in recent years. Franchise quarterback Andy Dalton must prove himself this season and do better than a one and done performance in the playoffs. Marvin Lewis, who was named Bengals head coach in 2003, has enjoyed moderate success while leading the Bengals.

The Ravens look to get their season started out on a positive vibe as they attempt to defeat the Cincinnati Bengals as they travel to M&T Stadium. The Ravens will need to start the season off hot as they have one of the toughest schedules in the league. The team is trying to rebuild their defense as evidenced by the draft. In fact, some analysts feel as if C.J. Mosley was the steal of the draft. This linebacker will certainly fill a gap that the Ravens need.

Each of these teams has the skill to host the AFC championship trophy and play in the Super Bowl. Since the Ravens are playing this game at home, they will likely be marginal favorites in this week 1 AFC North matchup.

NFL Online Betting Odds

by Kevin G in NFL | Posted on August 20th, 2014 | No Comments

The start of the NFL regular season is upon us so there is no better time than now to go over the latest NFL online betting odds brought to you by Canadian online sportsbooks like Bodog and Sports Interaction. When it comes to betting on sports online in Canada we only trust the above sports betting sites. First up we will go over NFL wagering odds for the New England Patriots.

The New England Patriots kick off the season by traveling to the Miami Dolphins in Week 1 of the 2014 NFL season. Tom Brady will once again be starting for the Patriots although it is noteworthy that the Pats took a quarterback in the 2nd round of the NFL draft several weeks ago. Jimmy Garoppolo from Eastern Illinois can now say that he is a New England Patriot.

NFL Betting Odds

Bill Belichick coaches the New England Patriots and the team plays each of their games at Gillette Stadium. Darrelle Revis is now a Patriot and Rob Gronkowski will be returning the Patriots as well. The Patriots finished their 2013 campaign at 12-4 which seems par for the course for Tom Brady. The New England Patriots are being given favorable odds for winning the Super Bowl.

Most analysts have the Patriots listed at 9/1 betting odds to win the Super Bowl in 2015. These odds are currently posted at Bodog for online sports betting Canada. The Patriots are playing one of the toughest schedules of any team this year. Since the Patriots will be running the gauntlet, it will be of interest to see how much this team has left in the gas tanks when the post season begins. Many people feel as if the Patriots may not be a dynasty anymore because it’s been several years since they’ve won a championship. If the Patriots can win this year, many of the critics will be silenced.

Canada Online Sportsbooks

by Kevin G in NFL | Posted on August 8th, 2014 | No Comments

Today we will be reviewing the best Canada online sportsbooks for Canadian sports bettors. Things aren’t as bad for the Canadians as they are for their brethren across the border, the Americans. This is because Canada doesn’t have as strict a set of rules and regulations on online betting as its sister country. However, it can still get quite frustrating to shortlist Canadian sportsbooks that are safe and reliable. After all, we are talking about real money here, so before you start betting, it’s fruitful to have all choices out in the open. Lucky for you, we have gone through the tedious task of compiling the best online sportsbooks in the great white north.

Sports Interaction Sportsbook
Sports Interaction is literally the granddaddy of all online sportsbooks within Canada, being the first to be licensed in the country. It also boasts of the longest history in the great white north, have a solid reputation for reliability as well as other amenities such as a 100% cash bonus. Besides that, the banking fee and withdrawal options are also quite convincing.

Pinnacle Sports Betting Site
This is probably the best sportsbook for experienced gamblers, offering the best odds as well as quickest payout among all. It is said that the lines they offer are more than 50% better than the average, and money withdrawal from e-wallets and other electronic outlets is usually processed within half an hour. It does lose some brownie points, however, for not offering any signup bonuses.

Bodog Sportsbook
Bodog is the most well known name in the industry, and makes an entry on this list as well. This is due to their sheer dedication to the sport of betting, offering very convincing lines that attract line observers all over! It also has one of the cleanest and most de-cluttered interfaces, making it a pleasure to use.

Kentucky Derby Online Betting

by Kevin G in 2014 | Posted on May 1st, 2014 | No Comments

The Kentucky Derby is this weekend on Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. They call the Kentucky Derby the most exciting 2 minutes in sports and it has never been more true leading up to the 140th Kentucky Derby based on the pure talent of horses racing in the Kentucky Derby 2014. So whether you just plan to watch along with Bob Costas on NBC, or if you rather bet on the Kentucky Derby you will want to brush up on your Kentucky Derby knowledge first. If you live in Canada we recommend the Sports Interaction Sportsbook for online sports betting for Canadian bettors, especially if you plan to bet on NBA and NHL playoffs as well.

Kentucky Derby Betting Online

The Kentucky Derby has a history unlike any other sporting event. The Kentucky Derby is one of the most dramatic events in all of sports. The Kentucky Derby also boasts some fun facts that you may not have known about. For example, did you know that only 5 female jockeys have ever raced in the Kentucky Derby? In this year’s Kentucky Derby, Rosie Napravnik will get the ride on Vicars in Trouble as she looks to become the first woman to ever win the Kentucky Derby.

Let’s face it, jockeys are known for being shorter and smaller people. Did you know that the minimum weight for a jockey in the Derby is 121lbs? Did you know that the tallest jockey to ever win the Kentucky Derby was Bobby Jennings? The only jockey to win both the Kentucky Oaks and the Kentucky Derby is Calvin Borel in 2009. The youngest jockey to ever win the Kentucky Derby was 15 years old, too bad he was not old enough to bet on the Kentucky Derby online as you have to be a minimum of 18 years old to participate in Kentucky Derby online betting for the 140th Kentucky Oaks & Derby on Saturday.. His name was Alonzo Lonnie Clayton and he won in 1892. The first jockey to win the Kentucky Derby was Oliver Lewis. If you are looking for the jockey with the most Kentucky Derby wins, look no further than the legendary Eddie Arcaro and Bill Hartack who both won the Derby an unprecedented 5 times each.

Team Canada Hockey Schedule

by Kevin G in olympics | Posted on February 9th, 2014 | No Comments

As Canada looks to defend their Gold Medal in mens hockey in Sochi, Russia at the 2014 Winter Olympics all eyes are going to be on Martin St. Louis who was recently added to team Canada’s men’s hockey team after Steven Stamkos withdrew due to injury. Now with the NHL regular season officially on break we can look towards hockey on the big ice.

Team Canada Mens Hockey

The first game of the tournament kicks off between the Czech Republic and Sweden at 12:00 PM EST on February 12th, 2014. This game can be viewed on the USA network but will not be televised on CBC or TSN. Canada will play their first game the following day on Thursday, February 13th, 2014 when they face Norway. This game will also be at 12:00 PM EST and televised nationally on CBC. Although many Canadian hockey fans are complaining about the time these games will be played, at least these games are early morning/lunch instead of overnight. This is because the Olympic committee has agreed to play these games later at night in Russia, approximately 9 PM local time to be exact instead of 7 PM local time.

It is expected the Roberto Luongo will start for team Canada in net against Norway, then Carey Price is likely to get the start against Austria on Friday, February 14th, 2014 at 12:00 PM EST. You will be able to catch all of team Canada’s games on the CBC. Team Canada’s first major test will be against Team Finland on Sunday, February 16th, 2014 at 12:00 PM EST.

2014 Olympic Ice Hockey Mens Gold Medal Betting Odds

Canada 2/1
Russia 12/5
Sweden 9/2
USA 6/1
Finland 11/1
Czech Republic 12/1
Switzerland 25/1
Slovakia 33/1
Norway 200/1
Latvia 400/1
Austria 1000/1
Slovenia 1000/1

Canada and Russia are the two early favorites however goal-tending and scoring may be a concern for the Canadians. If Roberto Luongo, Carey Price, or Mike Smith can get hot and St. Louis can score then Canada has a good shot and repeating and win Gold in the Sochi Olympics.

Super Bowl Online Betting

by Kevin G in superbowl | Posted on February 1st, 2014 | No Comments

The Super Bowl is tomorrow and bettors all over Canada are scrambling to find an online sportsbook that accepts Canadian players after spending the last two weeks debating who is going to win on Sunday. February 2nd, 2014 at MetLife Stadium will mark history as the first outdoor Super Bowl in cold weather. If Peyton Manning wins it will cement is legacy as one of the greatest players to ever be in the NFL, and if the Seahawks win it will show the importance of having a better defense than offense. Regardless of where you stand when it comes to Super Bowl online betting there is one thing that is very clear and that is that this is going to be one of the best Super Bowl matchups in the last 10 years. In this case, believe the hype NFL fans.

Super Bowl Online Betting

Currently the Bodog Canada sportsbook has the Denver Broncos posted as -2.5 favorites despite all the Peyton bashing that has gone on in recent weeks concerning his past in playing in the cold. Sure, it is going to be cold in tomorrow’s Super Bowl game with winds ranging between 15-20 MPH but everyone seems to forget that Peyton Manning will not just be the only player playing in the cold weather conditions.

That is right fellow Canucks, every player will be playing in the cold tomorrow! Moneyline for the Seattle Seahawks is sitting at +135 odds which means if you bet $100 on the Seattle Seahawks to win straight up, you will get a return of $235 with $135 in profits. Superbowl 2014 has a predicted Over/Under of 48 points at the moment as per the Sports Interaction online sportsbook.

Who is going to win Super Bowl XLVIII tomorrow? Will it be Peyton Manning and the Wes Welker connection that takes home the Vince Lombardi trophy, or will it be the Seahawks’s Legion of Boom stepping up with a solid defensive effort that wins their team the Superbowl? In less than 24 hours we will find out. Until then, put your money where your mouth is and check out the Bodog Canada sports betting site for Super Bowl wagering over the Internet.

Online Sports Betting Canada Legal

by Kevin G in sportsbook | Posted on January 26th, 2014 | No Comments

Many of our visitors here at Online Sports Betting – Casino Guide Canada are always asking us about the legality of betting on sports online in Canada. While we review the ins-and-outs of Canadian law we will be looking at wrestling in the Olympics as an example.

Wrestling has evolved drastically in the past few decades similar to online sports betting in Canada, from a sport that was once just limited to a local audience, to garnering a worldwide following in the modern era. There are several key figures involved in the growth of this sport, so it’s a tough question deciding who the most influential figure in wrestling is.

For most fans, the obvious answer to this question would be Mr.America aka Hulk Hogan, who was the most popular wrestler of the 80s, and undoubtedly helped wrestling become mainstream. While that may be true, we should also not forget the damage that was caused to the wrestling industry due to the 90s steroid scandal, where Hogan testified against Vince Mc Mahon, who was one of the top wrestling promoters at the time. As a result of the trial, wrestling took a huge step back, and all the goodwill that wrestling garnered in the past decade was worthless.

Online Sports Betting Legal

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Canada

So who is the most influential wrestler of all time and how does this effect whether or not if online sports betting legal in Canada? The answer is right in the above paragraph. No, it’s not Hulk Hogan and it is not black and white, but the man that he testified against; Vince Mc Mahon. Mc Mahon is the most influential wrestler of all time. Think about it, most of the biggest storylines in wrestling involved him in some way or the other.

The Montreal Screw job, the corporation, the attitude era; he was involved in pretty much everything. He formed the evil boss character and had one of the best feuds of all time with Stone Cold Steve Austin. He went from a behind the scene stakeholder to one of the best heels in history, beating the likes of HHH and many other characters. At one point, the man sacrificed his own daughter to please the audiences (kayfabe)! The heat he generated from audiences for over 20 years is unparalleled, even today.

The man may not be the most loved character in the business, but you cannot deny the influence he had in the rising popularity of wrestling. If the above has confused you and you are wondering why we are talking about wrestling rather than the legality of sports betting in Canada then here is why. Just like with wrestling being taken out of the Olympics, so has the sports betting climate in Canada been heavily influenced by just a handful of people. Policy changes within the Canadian government decided Canadian wrestling, albeit widely popular among the Canadian people, was not worth the time and funds being put towards it. Despite the majority of the Canadian population widely accepting online gambling in Canada, a handful of people in charge have decided to keep it under wraps so that they can continue to monopolize sports betting in Canada.

NFL Playoff Betting

by Kevin G in superbowl | Posted on January 9th, 2014 | No Comments

It’s that time of year again! Happy New Year friends and you know what that means…NFL playoff betting! If the first Wildcard weekend of the NFL playoffs wasn’t enough for you to join the betting bandwagon, then perhaps this weekend’s NFL playoff match-ups will encourage you to join the conversation.

This weekend we have another four NFL playoff match-ups that we will preview below as every team has a legitimate shot and getting one game closer to Super Bowl 2014.

First up for our West side fans we have the New Orleans Saints visiting Seattle to play the Seahawks. Online sports betting websites currently that the Saints posted as +8 point road underdogs. This game will kickoff at 1:35 PM PST on Saturday, January 11th, 2014. This is considered Saturday’s early game.

In the late game this Saturday we have Andrew Luck and his Indianapolis Colts take on the New England Patriots. The Bodog Canada sportsbook currently as the Saints listed as -8.5 home favorites with the over/under game point total sitting at 52.5 points which means this game should be a high scoring affair between Luck and Tom Brady.

Super Bowl 2014 Betting

Super Bowl 2014 Betting Odds

In Sunday, January 12th, 2014’s games we have another two great match-ups for your betting pleasure. In the morning we have the San Francisco 49ers at 1:00 PM EST taking on the Carolina Panthers in Carolina. Last week 49ers starting quarterback proved that an away game or a cold game cannot stop him. Cam Newton for the Panthers will be looking to show the nation who is the more athletic quarterback. In this race for Super Bowl 2014 you can expect both quarterbacks to run the ball early and often. The Sports Interaction online sports book has the Carolina Panthers a +3 point road underdog which is exactly how the Panther’s defense prefers it.

In other Super Bowl 2014 betting odds we have the late game to close the second round of the NFL playoffs between the San Diego Chargers and Denver Broncos. Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers has a false sense of confidence going into Sunday’s game where he thinks his Chargers can actually outscore Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. The top online sports betting Canada sites have the Broncos posted as -9 point home favorites which is currently the biggest point spread out of any NFL playoff game this weekend. Stranger things have happened before in the road to the Super Bowl, but we do not expect the Chargers to upset the Broncos this Sunday.

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