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Wisconsin Badgers March Madness Betting Odds

by Kevin G in marchmadness | Posted on March 12th, 2015 | No Comments

Today we will take a look at the latest betting odds for the Wisconsin Badgers going into the 2015 March Madness tournament. Take a gander and let us know on whether you agree or disagree with our Wisconsin Badgers wagering odds for bettors in Canada.

The Wisconsin Badgers are currently at the top of the Big 10 conference. Online sports books are reporting that the betting odds on the Wisconsin Badgers to win the national championship have fluctuation recently. While some sports books have the team listed at 9/1, others have them listed as low as 15/2.

Badgers Betting Odds

The Wisconsin Badgers Men’s Basketball team is coached by Bo Ryan. The Badgers are always a tough match up because of the way the move the ball inside the lane. The Badgers shoot an astounding 47.5% on the floor and team has only lost to Duke, Maryland and Rutgers. The Badgers have remained undefeated throughout conference play with the team only looking stronger as the players continue to get more games under their belt.

Bo Ryan is a well liked coach among sporting analysts. Ryan is one of those coaches that other programs will likely try to take from Wisconsin. Ryan and Wisconsin have roots and it is unclear if Ryan would ever want to coach for another program. Some analysts believe that Wisconsin may be worthy enough to get a 1 seed in the tournament. Some bracket simulations have the Badgers listed as a 2 seed. Regardless of the seeding, the Badgers will present match up problems for most of the teams that they encounter in the Big Dance.

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