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Final Four Coaches to Watch

by Kevin G in 2015 | Posted on March 20th, 2015 | No Comments

If you’ve been a fan of the NCAA, you know that certain coaches seem to make the Final Four more so than others. Here is a list of coaches who always have their basketball teams playing at their peak during the NCAA tournament.

Tom Izzo
Michigan State has played one of the most difficult schedules of the entire season. The Spartans are currently 4th in the NCAA in assists. Tom Izzo has a knack for navigating his teams through the NCAA tournament. Could Izzo lead the Spartans to the NCAA Final Four again?

Shaka Smart
Shaka Smart is the head coach of the VCU Rams. The Rams have one of the most difficult non-conference schedules of any team. Although the Rams have stumbled in many of their most recent games, the Smart always has his teams ready for deep runs in the NCAA tournament

John Calipari
We couldn’t make this list without mentioning John Calipari. Many scouts believe that the Kentucky Wildcats are putting an NBA ready team on the floor. While these college men likely have a large payday in front of them, Calipari is known for keeping player’s egos in check. In order to win the NCAA tournament, the Kentucky Wildcats will need to bring their best effort, regardless if odd makers have made it seem as if this championship is their’s to lose.


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