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National Football League Online Betting

by Kevin G in 2013 | Posted on July 18th, 2013 | No Comments

National Football League online betting on Sundays for the upcoming 2013-14 NFL season is upon us. The first NFL exhibition game will be on Sunday, August 4th, 2013 during Hall of Fame Week. This preseason showdown will be between the Miami Dolphins and Dallas Cowboys and the Cowboys will be the home team. Kickoff for this matchup will be 8:00 PM EST. To many of our average sports betting fans talking about this game in July might be a tad bit premature, however for veteran bettors they know that it is never too early to review NFL games for NFL online betting. Current online sportsbooks have the Dallas Cowboys favored by -5.5 points to defeat the Dolphins.

NFL Online Betting

Football is a special kind of sport. By now means am I saying that I believe that the NFL is more popular than the NHL in Canada, but I am saying that comparing the two sports is like comparing apples and oranges. There are 82 games in a regular season NHL year, and in the NFL there are only 16 which makes every game and the preparation that goes into each game, that much more important and crucial. When you check out online sportsbook reviews you will see that they agree from all the pregame analysis and reviews that go into getting ready for the NFL season in comparison to any other sport. For those of you Canadians that think this is only true in the USA, then you have another thing coming. Canadian betting patterns on NFL and NHL are not that much unlike those from American bettors when it comes to online sports betting because with National Football League online betting the bettor typically has at least 6-7 days in between games to do their research, injury reports, betting trends, and review other sports picks. With the NHL there simply just isn’t that much betting research available because there are so many games, so many key players to consider, plus the market is so much smaller than the NFL that it is simply not worth it for handicappers and online sportsbooks to review NHL events like they do for the NFL.

By Kevin G

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